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My Ameblo
today I created my new Ameblo
~japanese "blog"~

is the first time! but modificate the design of the blog took me 2 hours
'cause i don't  know how to read kanji
and i had to use the translator ~thanks google xd~
so finally, I can use it as I want ^^
tsukareta naaa~~~
but I hope make frinds through that blog...
another thing
TODAY IS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG http://namie-amuro-lyrics.blogspot.com
I'm so happy 'cause I collected many surprises to share with my followers
1 year with my own blog
I'm proud ^^
that's all
Mata nee~~!

hii minna!
on October 1st will be the first anniversary of my blog http://namie-amuro-lyrics.blogspot.com
for the people who doesn't know
there you can find all lyrics by Namie Amuro
even the Covers by her 
as is the first anniversary I will give the people surprises
more videos of Namie  in The yorumo Hippare (1995-2001)
with its respective lyrics
well, I hope you can visit it

Also, was the 4th anniversary of Hey Say Jump
so congratulations!! but Ryutaro wasn't there :( 
I hope he come back soon
and I read Hey Say Jump is going to go to Las Vegas for its Calendar 
I would like go to there, is a little far from my country :(

and last... the Summary 2011 ended on September 25th in Tokyo Dome!! 
Hey say jump is the best, I would like watch a concert of them 

yesterday I watched the movie "1 litre of tears"
and i'm disappointed of this movie 'cause is so boring and so different to the Drama :(
now i prefer the drama... if you watch the drama of the same title, don't watch the movie please
you will get disappointed ¬¬

namie no tanjoubi!

Anime & Dorama
hi minnasan!
something that I forgot is about my taste for Anime
I started to watch it around 7 years old so far
my first animes were CardCaptor Sakura, Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2
 i have watched around 85 animes so far
now I'm watching in-emission-anime and doramas
Recently i started to like doramas
doramas have around 10 episodes, but i hve watched 15 doromas since May...
do you like anime or doramas??
I like life school anime with romance and comedy or also slice-of-life ^^

can you recomend me some doramas or animes??
if you want I can recomend you too :P

An anime: Lovely Complex
Dorama: A Littre of Tears...
Song: Ganbaretsugo by Hey say jump

matta ne!! 

Amuro Namie
I'm going to talk about Namie
I started to love Namie last year around june or july
she is the queen of j-pop and I don't remember how I have discovered her
but her music is awsome and her concerts are the best!
You can see her with the brothers Domoto (senpais of Hey say jump)
and Gackt (a rock singer) 
Well, words aren't enough to discribe the power of her lyrics and dance and all!!
I can't get bored of her!
song that i can recomend you: Fight together
is the opening theme of One Piece


Hey say jump
well, I started to like hey say jump in may
when I watched Scrap Teacher (dorama)
and I fell in love with Ryosuke-kun
after this started to listen to hey say jump music... Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was the first
and I search a lot of info about them, about their programs 
and I try to watch it through KeyHole
I have 12 hours of difference with Japan

my dream is go to Japan and go to Hey say jump and Amuro Namie's concerts
it would be great...
I want to meet with Ryosuke-kun face to face... I would fall in love everytime xdd

I want to recomend you the doramas Scrap Teacher and Tantei Gakuen Q
both give you a lot of morals and encourage you ^^
song: shinku by Hey say jump too

More About Me...
I'm tall... 1.62 cm yeah I want to be taller than this xd
and my weight... 49kg almost 50kg I can't believe it! :P
I like writing in English and talk in Japanese but my japanese is so basic... i'll get better
sometimes I'm cheerful, but know I remember a tragedy in my country
about a celebrity so friendly and such a good person, Felipe Camiroaga...
he died last friday with 20 persons more in an airplane accident
he was going to Juan Fernandez for helping the people after earthquake (yes, I live the earthquake last year 8.8°)
and this had a fatal final... so sad...
but I know FACH will find him and the other persons... i keep the hope
so, now I want to listen to music
i will recomend you a song: Over by Hey say jump
see you!

About Me!
Hi! I'm Makita and I love Japanese culture
and its music, I love J-pop ^^
I'm 15 years old and I'm Chilean :P
my favourite singer is Amuro Namie
and my favourite group is Hey Say Jump... and its member, Yamada Ryosuke ~love love~
have you heard them? they are awsome!!
I hope write soon
and let you know about me...
bye bye!!